AnotherSteempress: Now Supports Per-User Publishing

Continued incremental progress to help users of WordPress post original content to the STEEM blockchain.

Until now, there was only ONE KEY TO RULE THEM ALL.  There would be a single STEEM account programmed in the plugin settings – and all posts would be posted to that user.

Now, WordPress sites users of your wordpress installation who have the ability to “publish” posts and pages now have options!   Each user can add their STEEM posting-key to their WordPress user profile and once the post or page is published on WordPress, users with the “publish_pages” or “publish_posts” permission will have the ability to publish to STEEM either using their own STEEM account or use the blog’s main STEEM account.

The settings related to curation rewards and reward distribution (Steempower or SBD or 50/50) for each user are all independent for each user.  What’s more, each user can have their own STEEM posting template independent of the blog’s posting template.

It just keeps getting better!

Get the AnotherSteempress WordPress Plugin at the WordPress Plugin Directory!

Refresh cached pages in NGINX

Here’s a quick tidbit for forcing individual pages to refresh on an nginx reverse caching server.

In your SERVER block put:

if ($request_uri ~* "^/cache-refresh/(.*)") {
set $cache_bypass 1;
rewrite ^(/cache-refresh/)(.*)$ /$2 last;

and in your LOCATION block(s), add:

location / {
proxy_cache_bypass $cache_bypass; # Do not serve response from cache.
proxy_cache staticfilecache;
proxy_pass http://backendsite;

There are numerous other helpful directives as well. But if you’re looking for a way to refresh your cached pages individually, this should be enough to help you in the right direction.

Google Blacklisting WordPress Websites over Old Vulnerability

Keeping your software updated is part of keeping your website secure. Most sites are hacked using old vulnerabilities that simply haven’t been fixed yet.

The recent spike in malware (bad software) infecting thousands of WordPress websites is a case in point.

The fix has been out for some time, but many website owners have not made the required changes.

If your site has been blocked – or if your site has not YET been blocked and you would like to keep it that way, email us. We offer affordable rates for WordPress Support to deal with your WordPress problems.

Sites who have not been compromised can be innoculated for as little as $50! That’s a small price to pay for a little peace of mind. If your WordPress site uses TimThumb, email us or call us at (586)779-3242 about making sure it is up to date so you don’t find your site blacklisted by Google!