DM42.Net is pleased to announce the availability of the AnotherSteemPress WordPress Plugin allowing the posting of your WordPress articles to the STEEM blockchain to be viewed through SteemIT as well as and other blockchain portals.

AnotherSteempress is a (another) wordpress plugin that allows you to publish your articles on the steem blockchain. It gives you more control over your workflow than other solutions by allowing you to select which articles will be published, review the finished look of your posts before publishing them to the blockchain, and AnotherSteempress permits each user on your WORDPRESS site to use their own credentials to post to the STEEM blockchain.

Features :

  • Selective article posting to STEEM
  • Multiple STEEM accounts per WordPress Blog (each user can post with their own key!)
  • Custom HTML template for content posted to STEEM.
  • Link back from STEEM to your blog
  • Use custom tags for each post with default tags if none are defined.
  • TEST your posts for formatting and appearance before posting live (requires creation of a TestNET account).

Why Another SteemPress WordPress Plugin?

Howo and Fredrikaa have created a wonderful plugin for that automatically submits posts from WordPress to the Steem blockchain.  But use cases vary.  Another SteemPress offers an alternative workflow and some additional features, including the ability to post to the Steem TestNet and preview your posts prior to submitting them to the permanence of the live blockchain.

What is Different?

    • Post to the Steem Testnet
    • Submit individual posts after publication
    • Custom template for Steem Posts

Benefactor Rewards

As is the case with most STEEM applications (dtube, dsound, dmania, utopian, etc.), DM42.Net receives benefactor rewards for use of the DM42.Net API to submit posts to the Steem blockchain.  These rewards will be used to support the cost of running the gateway nodes as well as continued development.  The reward amount is currently set at 10% with a portion being shared with Howo and Fredrikaa for their work on the original Steempress.