ANOTHER-STEEMPRESS WordPress Plugin – User/Posting Key Validation Bug

An incorrect URL in the initial BETA version 0.5.0 release of “Another Steempress” made it impossible to validate usernames and posting keys.  The URL has been corrected in version 0.7.0 available now from the WordPress Plugin Repository.  If you previously installed version 0.5.0, upgrade to 0.7.0 and all should be well.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.

About: “Another Steempress”

You have options when it comes to posting your WordPress content to the STEEM blockchain.  @Recrypto‘s WordPress Steem, Steempress by howo and fredrikaa and now AnotherSteempress by DM42.Net.

Why Another Steempress?

Workflows vary.  Not everyone wants automatic posting of all their content to the Steem Blockchain.  Sometimes, you want to delay posting to the block chain until after a post has run on your local site for a while.  Or, you just have a different intention for how to use your publishing capabilities.

AnotherSteempress provides flexibility and some additional features not currently available from the other plugin offerings consistent with a slightly different emphasis.   Rather than simply focusing on pushing all available content to the blockchain, AnotherSteempress allows selective publication on the blockchain, the ability to “preview” your post on the TestNet prior to pushing to the permanent STEEM network, as well as the ability to post using a custom template for your content to maintain consistency of your STEEM postings but allowing a different look and feel from your WordPress Blog.

We anticipate that there will be “cross-pollination” from project to project. That is one thing that makes the STEEM community great!  Because we believe in this type of collaboration and cooperation,  posts through AnotherSteempress also benefit the original Steempress project!

Publishing Gateways and Curation Rewards

Like many other applications on the STEEM blockchain, AnotherSteempress uses the beneficiary feature of the blockchain in order to fund ongoing development and support the hardware and software that run the gateway nodes that publish to the STEEM blockchain.   Curation rewards for AnotherSteempress are currently set at 10%.  A portion of that is designated to support the creators of the original Steempress from which our project is forked.

Ongoing Development and the Future of AnotherSteempress

We welcome feedback and suggestions!

Download and Install AnotherSteempress

You can find AnotherSteempress in the WordPress Plugin repository.